Things that should be common sense for a real man. For me actually. Since I am married, I can’t help with dating rules, lice „don’t sleep with your friend’s ex“ or something like that.
Stumbled over a program named M8 for Windows 8 for this mindmap
man rules

2 Gedanken zu “My Man Rules

    • The thing is…I can’t come up with any…I don’t even think there are „rules“ for women. I can tell what I like about women’s behaviour, but that would be just my subjective observation. Plus I can’t avoid generalization.

      So here’s what I like:

      – Women almost never complain about minor/medium and even terrible pain.
      It’s somehow in their physiology that they handle pain better than we do and I find it quite charming.

      – When there is a serious threat to their loved ones, women become dangerous and furious. Their agression potential is beyond imaginable and they can become waaaay more violent than men.
      When it comes to protection of their loved ones, it’s pretty impressive.

      – Women care about social stuff way better than we do. My wife manages my social life with my relatives. Without her, I’d be some kind of a social outcast weirdo.

      – Women think strategically a bunch of steps ahead. They base their desicions on a long term
      (at least mine does and so does my mother and most women i know)

      maybe I’ll come up with some more

      Gefällt mir

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